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Is it time for a fresh wind to blow through your organisation? Windkracht-11 changes ‘hassle’ into a ‘job well done’ by providing an effective plan of action, suitable to today. 85% of leaders in organisations is happy with their strategy. Only 15% is happy with the implementation. Here lies our strength!



Windkracht-11 provides workshops and training sessions based on diverse current topics. Fresh, strong and after following one of the training days it will never be like before.  Every time a differente theme but always powerful and FUNctional. New experiences and skills you can use in everyday life. 


recruitment for today

Windkracht-11 identifies and activates the knowledge and skills of talented people in your organisation. The objective is to execute t your strategy successfully. But sometimes the talents needed are not available, or the development of required skills takes too long. Let us help you in todays labourmarket.

The force of doing
That is Windkracht-11

Developments go terribly quickly. Changing times ask for new ways of managing, new ways of working, new ways of communicating. Windkracht-11 helps give directors and management teams a fresh and strong approach, so that they can execute their (new) strategy successfully throughout the WHOLE organisation.

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Changing times ask for different ways of managing, different ways of working, different ways of…


Windkracht-11 identifies and activates knowledge and skills, but also talents within organisations….

Carola Smits

My name is Carola Smits, entrepreneur and owner of Windkracht-11.

Els van Hekesen

My name is Els van Hekesen, entrepreneur and business partner of Windkracht-11.

Corina Evers

My name is Corina Evers, entrepreneur and business partner of Windkracht-11.

Carola knows in different ways to power teams in the area of working together. Result: more job satisfaction. 

Peter Luit


Thank you for your prompt response and the help that you gave me. You always have a quick solution to any problem.

Ljupco Lovski

CEO Lovski - Skopje

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