Fresh Wind Action Plan

Is it time for a fresh wind to blow through your organisation?

Windkracht-11 changes ‘hassle’ into a ‘job well done’ by providing an effective plan of action, suitable to today. 85% of leaders in organisations is happy with their strategy and ambition. You’ve thought about it, you’ve discussed it, you are passionate about it. But only 15% is actually happy with the eventual execution and implementation of that strategy. The real results fail for example, or you end up working as ‘islands’ rather than working together for one goal, or you struggle to translate/bring across your ambition to your employees, this is just a selection of issues customers face.

Windkracht-11 not only relieves the burden, but also provides results. We enable you to translate your strategy and ambitions into a fresh course of action, and provide a suitable plan of action that will improve your organisation. That will get people aboard.

Fresh Wind action plan is especially suitable for organisations that:

  • Want to move from product focus to customer focus.
  • Want speed and decisiveness instead of endless advice reports, DOING things!
  • Need a practical step-by-step plan, so that they can carry on themselves.
  • Want to gain more revenue and bind new customers.

Modern times ask for quick practical solutions and a big dose of doing. That is what the Fresh Wind Action Plan offers. Click here for a visual version (infograpic) of the Fresh Wind Action Plan.


The Fresh Wind Action Plan is a powerful tool to turn your strategy and ambition into DOING. We offer a genuine combination of organisational advice and guidance on the job. Recent research shows that professionals learn 70% in their daily job. This is called informal learning. 20% of learning happens through conversations (coaching, networking, interaction) and 10% of learning happens through training and education. As it turns out, we use just that in our approach to gain results.

The hours of advice needed during the program will be discussed beforehand. As well as the amount of talent analyses needed for identifying leadership. With the outcomes you and your staff will be able work with new inspiration and you will quickly see results.

Do you want a fresh wind to blow through your organisation? Fill in your request below and we’d love to discuss the possibilities with you.


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