Powerful Advice

Windkracht-11 offers powerful advice for organisations that are on the move, wanting to see quick results with their new strategy and ambition. But we don’t stop at giving advice. We combine our advice with th

Do you want to changing opportunities into results?

The world around us changes quickly. Technology enables a lot, but there is another side to it. Customers investigate and make up their minds differently. How do you increase customer loyalty and how do you attract new customers? You may not want to compete on price, but may want to compete on growth. You want the people in your organisation to understand that oppurtunities need to be exploited straight away.

Who are you?

You are an entrepreneurial leader and directly or indirectly you manage people. You may notice it’s increasingly difficult to get everybody to go in the same direction. You’re looking for growth, continuity and new customers. Je want to be successful. You want quick wins to celebrate, that will lead to financing the long term. You don’t want any hassle; you just want the job done.

What problems do you face?

You are aware your organisation needs a different approach in certain areas. But where do you start? What will have most impact? Does everybody see the necessity of change? Are we not occupying ourselves with the wrong things? How do I get everybody to go in the same direction, so that we work together for the same goal in these changing circumstances?

What do you need most?

Your biggest priority is gaining more custom, being successful as an entrepreneur and manager. From a vast array of possibilities, you want to know which one to pick first, so that you can gain some quick wins and celebrate them within your organisation. You want a positive flow that inspires and causes people to follow. You want a clear, practical plan, and if possible someone to monitor progress. You want a lasting result.

What can we do for you?

Our Fris Wind Action plan  allows you to see in just 5 weeks where your opportunities are, and get your organisation moving. As a result of inspiring training sessions and counselling on the job, you and your employees will be able to cash in on these opportunities yourselves.

This combination ensures lasting results, so that you can enjoy your company. Success is not a dirty word. Win your customers, win your revenue, win your enjoyment.

Click here to read more about our vision and our approach. We also happily come to you for further explanation.