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Windkracht-11 identifies and activates the knowledge and skills of talented people in your organisation. So that your strategy can be executed successfully. Sometimes it’s not possible to find what you need within your organisation. Sometimes it takes too long to develop someone. In this case Windkracht-11 identifies in their own unique and refreshing way new “forces” outside your organisation. It is time to bring focus for ourselves and for our customers. And that is why Els van Hekesen will give our recruitment activities her full attention.  

Modern day recruitment is dynamic and especilly with a guaranteed result. Online networking goes together with offline networking . Passive waiting until the right one is coincidental in the pile of reactions, costs time and money.

Our approach enables us to connect companies and potential talent.
We look beyond the job vacancy to obtain a better and quicker end result. We don’t just flick through CV’s, but use dynamic recruitment and thorough selection. Our individual analyses play a big part in this. Because as you may recognise: on paper (education, work experience) this person looks ideal,  but…

For employers:

Despite the many reactions you get on well-known job sites, you still can’t find real quality people? The new ‘forces’ you need, will have to be actively pursued and approached. Because these days, they won’t find your company and your vacancy out of nowhere. Get to know our refreshing recruitment approach.

Your job market image

Beyond is the time that the 'job offer' button on the company website is sufficient to eventually get the right candidate. Good recruitment and selection today ask for more power and pervasive eye that looks beyond the CV alone. We not only think as a recruiter, but also as a marketer and data analyst. What is your corporate image in the job market? How do we strengthen that? What is distinctive? It's not so much about the vacancy, but the question: why does anyone want to work with your company? We will also get that for you. For the sake of the future, you have much more than just approach a job as a one shot.

Modern recruitment also means: reach the large group of latent job seekers; the group that is not so active on job sites, but considering a new step. We do that through different channels, both on and offline. We have the network and know how to trigger.


Based on a certain amount of hours exclusively for your company, it may sound like a bit of a risk, but with our approach you could be pleasantly surprised. Pricewise this option often works in your advantage. That has proven to be an absolute trajectory and we are happy to show you.


While recruitment and selection is going on you and your company can carry on with other important things. You know the end result will be quick and optimal. The Talent Analysis provides a quality selection and offers a good foundation to start from. This (online) assessment tool is usable for both suitability assessments and development assessments. It will save you the cost of an unfortunate recruitment.

For parties doing their own recruitment, Windkracht-11 can offer the selection or the assessments based on the Talent Analysis. Based on the core values and main competences valued by you, we portray the skills and preferred styles of the potential talent. There is no better start for an employer and employee. That is Windkracht-11.

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You know that your dream job vacancy is not always found through traditional channels. It’s much more efficient and effective if it comes through your network. If you would like to join our network, we’d love to get to know you. Contact us using the application form below, send us your CV or linked-in profile and we’ll decide together if and when a personal meeting is required.

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For HR professionals:

Windkracht-11 can help you and your HR team gain a fresh perspective on your own recruitment and selection policy. Use tools that make life easier, create the image you’re looking for as an employer and show it off. Contact us here to find out how you can get more out of recruitment and selection.

And finally, a little humor. Recognition or confrontation?

When I grow up I want to work in….. HR

Windkracht-11 has completed successful recruitment and selection for the following organisations:

Chanel Benelux – Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy – Centrotec Group – Athlon Car Lease – ALD Automotive – Royal Eijkelkamp Earth Sampling Group – Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment- Sonic Sampdrill- Rabobank International – NedAir -WerkTalent - BCA Auctions - VWE groep - Roveg Fruit & Vegetables