Vision on leadership

Reflect on this. You are a customer yourself, in many different contexts. Today’s customers know their facts and figures, they can easily find different things they’re looking for, they have many tools available to help. But one thing that isn’t so easy to find or recognise is added value. How do you offer the thing your customer is looking for, without staying with the things your customer already knows?

This is an essential change in recent years. Which will require a different approach in leadership and in your organisations work, thinking and communication. Change management? Change your management approach!

One of the most important success factors for giving modern leadership is (personal) leadership.


Leadership is ACTION

The strengths that are being collected from the first hour in Windkracht-11, have lead to a  publication about a powerful development tool for personal leadership. De training and coaching methods Windkracht-11 uses are partly based on this publication, and as a result many professionals have been able to increase their personal impact. These methods have also proven their effectiveness in commercial training sessions and different development programs.

Major sources of inspirations are Marshall Goldschmidt, author of the book “What got you here won’t get you there” and Daniël Goleman known for his work on Emotional Intelligence. But for me authors like Manfred Kets de Vries and Danah Zohar can’t be missed out either.

The central thread in their work is the powerful motor of your own passion and inspiration. First look after yourself by getting to know yourself. Only then you can look after others properly. That’s is not being selfish, rather: you would rob yourself if you wouldn’t. ‘Zohar’ describes the inner motor beautifully as SQ. Know what’s your ambition, and make that your compass. SQ forms the basis of EQ (connections, relationships) and IQ (intelligence, your mind, facts and figures). This enables you to create, form successful teams and to inspire them. And complete the picture by always looking outward: that’s where things happen! Take notice of changes in your customers needs and take ACTION.

Central in Windkracht-11’s culture & leaderships programs are the recognition and development of inter- and interpersonal competencies. Recognise and name your own strengths and then see and develop the strengths within your team. This is the basis of all Windkracht-11’s programs. The execution of the programs will be different each time, as it’s tailored to the organisations needs and dynamics. A combination of intervision, workshops, training and coaching, supplemented by strong assessments and other inspiring tools. That is Windkracht-11.

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