Why internally applying is actually the biggest nonsense

During the week I do not really have time for it, but on Saturday, the newspaper is mine. Just old fashioned on paper. On the table, with a cup of coffee and in nice weather outside with some “sweepers” to make the pages too heavy to turn over. At those moments, I really give myself…

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Half way there!

The summer is not official there yet but the weather makes us believe it is. Spring brought already summer temperatures. What is still spring and what’s already summer? Oh, we enjoy the longer days and we are more often outside. We notice the last days that more and more of our contacts leave for their…

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Kill the Busy-Busy-Syndrome

Ask a random person the question “How are you doing”?. I’ll bet you the answer is “Busy busy busy…”. Sometime like “”Busy, much to do, like it” and sometimes like “Busy don’t know how to survive”. Multitasking, juggling, private life, work life, we are always busy. From morning until nightfall. Busy is the new standard.…

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