Workshops and training sessions

Windkracht-11 provides workshops and training sessions around diverse current subjects. Fresh, powerful and after following one of these days it will never be like it was before.

A selection of previously organised workshops:

Personal Branding Do something extraordinary, there is enough ordinary around! Increase your impact, start today with effective influencing. Personal effectiveness training that is so 2014… make the difference now! (Aimed at people looking to increase impact and persuasiveness and nourish their personal leadership skills).

How to get people on board, leadership without pain, create movement in your organisation (Aimed at line mangers or HR managers).

The New Working, only for the big boys? DGA’s medium to small businesses, throw out the prejudices, it is possible for everyone to work differently and it’s especially important to manage output, not just presence.

Talent focused development aimed at HR managers, six keys to a successful and modern HR development or talent management policy.

HR Essentials  aimed at HR professionals, a complete training session in which you learn to develop as an individual as well as develop a fresh and modern HR policy.

The power of connection aimed at management teams, space for individuals but also powerful as a team. Click  here for a fresh approach leadership.

DoyouunderstandwhatI'msaying? Effective communication within teams, get rid of the disturbing noise.

Diversity wins the battle in one day get the outline for a life-stage aware HR policy.

The invisible leader office managers or management assistants develop yourselves and win persuasiveness.

This is just a small selection of possible workshops/ training sessions. If your desired subject is not here, please contact us, we can always tailor make something!

Windkracht-11 likes to give something back to the community. For free or on an expenses paid basis, we try to give part of our time to societies, charities or workgroups. Click here for more information.