Active method

What ambitions do you have and with which strategy you want to realize?

If you and your company continue to change, should your working method and people do this as well? With whatever energy and ambitions you run your company, your people do not grow with you, then waiting for a standstill.

Work on your working method and activate your company and your people. Work from action, talent, focus and insight and make from 'hassle', 'done.

Windkracht-11 is there for organizations that are on the move and want to quickly see the results of their (new) strategy and ambition.

But it doesn't stop with advice. We combine our advice with the power of doing and so you get your entire organization on the move.

Windkracht-11 changes ‘hassle’ into a ‘job well done’ by providing an effective plan of action, suitable for these times we live in. 85% of leaders in organizations is happy with their strategy and ambition. You’ve thought about it, you’ve discussed it, you are passionate about it. Unfortunatly only 15% is actually happy with the real life execution and implementation of that strategy. The real results fail for example, or you end up working as ‘islands’ rather than working together for one goal, or you struggle to translate/bring across your ambition to your employees, this is just a selection of issues our customers faced.

Many of our customers understand that Culture is important, but how to deal with it in your company, that is another question. Culture is not tangible, you can not measure it and for some it is a vague concept.

We are here to help you!


A pattern of human activities and the symbolic structures that give these activities a certain meaning. In a philosophical sense, culture, that which is acquired by man, is confronted with "nature", that which is innate.

Entrepreneurs, directors, managers, everybody is becoming more aware of the power of human capital in an organisation. Your employees give your company distinctive character, they directly affect customer satisfaction, they enable you to run your business successfully. Or not ...

You have set a mission, vision and entrepreneurs strategy, but how do you turn strategy into a success? How do you get your employees to support this new strategy focussed on customer satisfaction, focused on increased efficiency, focused on higher quality or focused on entrepreneurship.

One of the most important pillars in the translation of your strategy throughout the organization is a fresh and modern HR Management. Our experience is that quite a lot of HR instruments are already being used in an average organization, but that the coherence and why these instruments are used in this way is sometimes lacking.

Then suddenly important tools become a must of HR, or the means becomes the goal in itself.


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