Your reset button

Because of our eveyday delusions we tend to forget what really makes us happy. Plans, dreams, they often stay locked in our heads and are not been offered the time and space they deserve. You feel blocked instead of balanced.

It is about time to hit the reset button baby! But how?


What's a retreat?

A retreat is like a small vacation for yourself. We offer you on our live and work location  La Sobremesa in Spaine various retreats with a variety of programs. They all give new insights, help breaking non effective patterns and bring balance.

You will leave re-energized, lighter and with a bag full of new ideas and knowledge to maintain that balance

What's a workation?

During a workation your goal is more precize. You will work on your businessplan, your thesis, you will write your book, you will work on a certain objective.

We support you and take care of you. Advice, guidance, relaxing activities, good food... al that is needed to work on your objective. And at a very inspiring location.

Where is that inspiring location?

See it, experience it. The coast line of the Costa Blanca with villages like  Moraira - Benissa - Javea offers a vibe that it not easy to explain in words, but you immediately will feel.

Many hold Ibiza and the Es Vedra rock responsible for it, since once upun a time it was connect to this costal line. Now it is only 90 km away. and easy to reach by boat or plain.

The feeling is magical. The Mont Go mountain near Javea I(Xabia), Calpe's rock, the little bays and cliffs near Moraira: you will feel that energy too.

Both airports of Alicante and Valencia are just 1 hour drive by car.

It makes sense why Carola, owner and founder of Windkracht-11 started  La Sobremesa on this location to bring all of her passions together.

read more about the location and Carola's vision.

What are the ingrediënts?

Finding your reset button starts with a blueprint of your building blocks, needs and believes. You will do this personal scan before you leave. It enables us to make a made to measure program for you.

During your stay the personale blueprint becomes your guide to new insights, new ideas and choices you will make.

Depending of the outcome of the personal scan we will use the following methods and activities

  • Family Constallation
  • Deep Democracy/ the Lewis method
  • Yoga and meditation

Why is this retreat good for me?


  • Live a more healthy life, loose weight, change your eating and life patterns.
  • Live a lighter live, more inner peace, more balance between work, life. behouden tussen werk-privé
  • Feel more, a journey from heas to heart. Explore your SQ and spirituality
  • Make dreams come true, come into action, get rid of blockage and ballast

Read more?

Here you will find even more information on our retreats and workations in Spain.

Help me find my reset button!

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