Your retreat in Spain 

Life brings challenges. Because of all kind of factors and influences we also can feel sad, worried or even exhausted.

Every human being comes in it's own size, form and with it's own set of emotions and needs, which you are not always able to express in words. That's how you know it is time for some reflection. Simple as that. Accept the feeling that comes with it and learn to look at it. With some guidance and support....


Do you recognize this?

    • It is not easy to let go. "I will do it my self" always the excuse that you yourself can do things better
    • You suffer from moodswings. You feel the entire universe is on your shoulders and everybody leans on you. Who will take care of you?
    • You are fire-fighting all the time and not able to make real progression...your own growth stagnates
    • You cut yourself of form friends and family with the excuse you are too busy. But as a matter of fact you do not have the energy...
    • You seek escape and relief in things that help you to relax at the moment, but in the end make you even more tired and feeling down

    One or more yes? I, , Carola Smits, owner and founder of  Windkracht-11, can reassure you: I recognize it for my self and for many women I have met the past years in my coach pratice and traininggroups.

  • The rapid  and unexpected changes in our society, your hormone balance, there are explainable factors of influence and therefore we do not feel SUPER  or EXCELLENT all the time....
  • This is the reason I emigrated to Spain in 2022 to live and work in a different pace, a different climate and with a different mindset.

Let me help you

Because I could even more questions as above with a yes I made the decision it was time for change.  Our emigration to Spain is a conscious choice. I wil use my knowledge of  and exeperience with gebied van systemic coaching  and family constallations on our inspiring location for effective retreats and workations. Available for you!

Your Coach

Carola Smits (owner of Windkracht-11 and La Sobremesa ) is your host. We will use local experts for fun and inspiring activities and workshops. You will bring your new insights immediatly into practice and there fore the impact of your retreat is big.

Why should you book this retreat?

      • Take care of yourself first, in that we you are able to take good care of others. This is even better than a vacation and a real gift to yourself.
      • We take care of everything, you only have to enjoy your me-time
      • A retreat is not a gulag. Relax, enjoy the beautiful surroundings and let the program suprise you. It is a made to measure program
      •  La Sobremesa will take care of the delicious meals and also  vegan, vegetarian, keto etc. is possible
      • Extend your holiday with a city trip to Alicante or Valencia, the beautiful and green Costa Blanca or the islands like Ibiza.

The Location

See it, experience it. The coast line of the Costa Blanca with villages like  Moraira - Benissa - Javea offers a vibe that it not easy to explain in words, but you immediately will feel.

Many hold Ibiza and the Es Vedra rock responsible for it, since once upun a time it was connect to this costal line. Now it is only 90 km away. and easy to reach by boat or plain.

The feeling is magical. The Mont Go mountain near Javea I(Xabia), Calpe's rock, the little bays and cliffs near Moraira: you will feel that energy too.

Both airports of Alicante and Valencia are just 1 hour drive by car.

More information?

Read my story about mu Spanish adventure and new life as well  and even more.

I can't wait to push the reset button

Are you interested and do you want to know more? Fill in the contact form or cal 00(31) 06-57332245  or e-mail us.

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