A company structure that reinforces your culture  

The structure of your company is like te formation of a soccer team. You now which direction you wan to head, you know what kind of behavior you would like to see and now you will place the best person at the best position. But with this building block you also discuss new ways to work, to cooperate, new procedures and new processes.

Which organization model is the best? Will you choose the self steering teams? Or Managers with small teams or larger teams? Every model has its pros and cons. More important is to know the structures that suit the urgency, your ambition and leadership style.

Curious to find out what a new structure can do for your organization or team.  Please contact us! Or take some time to find out more...

The org-chart, valuable or hit the file shredder?

In favor of self managing teams?  Don't botter making an organigram or org-chart. Most of them emphasize the hierarchy of a company. Are you in favor of empowerment and human capital? Are you looking for more interaction and sharing knowledge between departments?  Think twice if an org-chart is that necessary. It will put the spotlight on the "separate boxes" and it will turn real human beings into job titles. You will emphasize the barriers and differences in stead of the common goals.

In companies nowadays the org chart changes quit a lot. It takes time to keep it up to date. And be aware by having a org chart it will not automatically mean people will know each other, let alone work together.

What people see is the ranking. The org chart is not a building block for your company culture.

What can an effective structure do for you?

We will design the right formation to reach your goals. The right person in the right position. A good structure emphasizes the vision and ambition and how you will go there. Which processes, procedures do you need or leave behind? what is the way you want to work?  It will give what people value: a clear direction and understanding.

How to implement this building block

Designs, outlines and possible options will be presented and discussed.  We know by know which competences and talents are available. We now your priorities. We know where you're heading long term.

This is the phase were many leader of companies find it difficult to oversee which steps in which pace are needed.

Will it cost too much time and too much money...? Because we are bale to distinguish the effective order of smaller steps to take we help you to oversee what's really needed.



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