Teamwork makes the dream work   

The structure of your company is like te formation of a soccer team. If you know which direction you want to go, the goal is motivating enough to work together as a team. But over time the team objectives fade and the differences between individuals merge and become more visible.


How do different individuals make one effective team?

In favor of self managing teams?  Don't botter making an organigram or org-chart. Most of them emphasize the hierarchy of a company. Are you in favor of empowerment and human capital? Are you looking for more interaction and sharing knowledge between departments?  Think twice if an org-chart is that necessary. It will put the spotlight on the "separate boxes" and it will turn real human beings into job titles. You will emphasize the barriers and differences in stead of the common goals.


3 Steps to work together as one team

We have a clear vision how to work together in an effective and productive way. With our 3 step actionplan we teach you how to

  • Recognize the signals from the "undercurrent"
  • Work together, learn together, brainstorm together and communicatie openly
  • Solve and prevent conflicts

How ?

We guide you and your team in the 3 steps as shown below. Of course it can't run immediately like an autopilot. It is matter of breaking old habits and replace them with new ones.

We more than happy to give you the right insight on how to do that. Our training and coaching methods are practical, fun to do and have the right impact.

It will accelerate the decision-making, but with respects for the different opinions, without brushing the problems under the carpet.

Contradictions and conflicting opinions are respectfully examined with each other. In dialogue and in discussion, and outcomes will be directly applied during the meetings.

effective teamwork


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