The undercurrent in organizations

We notice that many organizations become more internally focused while being busy implementing their strategic plan. There is so much work to with so many people...they tend to forget about their "customer" outside. But that customer is the only one who can determine if your strategy works.

We also notice that choosing the right strategy takes a lot of time. By the time the strategic thinking is done, the outside world turned 36o again...So think of it, is your strategic plan ever ready to use?

Despite the many brainstorms, despite all the work, the common goal is not that clear.  While implementing your strategy your business operations take more and more of your time. While times passes you notice resistance and a lack of cooperation and communication. Two things that are essential for an effective company culture.

Do you recognize the ever-present undercurrent and it's signals in your company?


When it just isn't working...

Unfortunately we see it happen more and more. The cooperation with a team or department is pretty good. But if we look at the cooperation between teams or departments there are quite a few hick ups.

Without that cooperation productivity drops, a lot of time is wasted on meetings and discussions. People only focus on their own tasks and do not see the effect of what happens before or after their part in the total process. It creates people who will wait for orders instead of people who take accountability and who are proactive.

Modern technologies like e-mail and chat-programs enhance these "silos". Why walking to another department when sending an e-mail is that easy and less confronting? It is an easy way out, but not transparant.

Do you recognize the signals from the Undercurrent in your organization? Here you can read more about our powerful methods.

Let's cooperate

We see most of the time somewhat old fashioned ways of meeting and discussing. Always the same day, the same time, the same people. People do not really prepair and the meetings are very time consuming and no decisions are made. The meeting itself seems to be the objective, not the instrument to achieve objectives.

We will create new and more effective patterns. The right people at the right moment to do the right thing. Often expensive consultants are hired to solve complex problems. We are convinced your own people are more than capable when stimulated the right way. And the solutions they bring will have a broad support.


And here we are, back to your Company  Culture. People form patterns and patterns form people. When we help you with the building blocks of your effective Company Culture, we help you using the  leverage of the differences between people and at the same time create a tribe that cooperates and acts upon the changes outside.

We will identify those tangible symbols that represent your Company Culture. The symbols people recognize, value and are proud of. That's us!


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