Clear HR Management

One of the most important pillars for translating your strategy throughout the whole organisation is clear, transparent and modern HR-management.  According to our experience organisations generally use quite a few HR tools, but are often a little unsure as to why the tools are used in the way they are; or unsure how they can strengthen each other. Therefore important tools will be perceived as "just another HR chore" and what was meant as a tool, becomes a goal in itself.

In our fresh wind action plan we use different HR tools to ensure that the movement we started is secured after we leave your organization. Think of performance review cycles, talent management, recruitement, employee satisfaction and sustainable employability. Not as a goal in itself or  because the HR department wants it. No,  because these are important tools to make the ambition and organisational goals visible and executional  for all the people in your organization.

Recent research shows that in order to reach all financial targets, employees productivity has to increase with 27%. This is not possible with just conventional intervention.

Tailored HR Management

In our action plan we determine depending on the size of your organisation how we can best secure what is needed on long term. In that way you can do it yourself after our job is done, even if you don’t have your own HR professional in the company yet.

For smaller organisation we offer an effective HR support service. It allows you to have the right support at the time you need it.

For medium size organisation we support  your HR professional(s), include them in our action plan and we will let a fresh wind blow through the HR policies. We’ve bundled this fresh wind in the HR Essentials program. This is an HR development program for HR professionals, who realise that modern HR management requires flexibility and development and who want to increase their impact.

In the area of HR management we work together with several strategic partners.