Leadership Coaching

Recognize this dear Manager?

You would like to receive feedback, but people don’t give it to you anymore. All of a sudden it seems like there is an invisible barrier and your employees don’t ‘just’ come and talk to you. Only you can remove the barrier. And if you don’t want to, it’s a bit like success in your far removed ivory tower. At the same time, giving feedback is equally difficult. You want to keep a good atmosphere, you do not need the "hassle", why don't they just understand....

Leadership starts with personal leadership, if you want your company to grow, did you also looked in to personal and leadership development to support this growth?

Especially for managers in organisations, Windkracht-11 has developed the Leadership Coaching program. This program is also suitable for potential leaders that develop quickly within your organisation, but need extra guidance and attention.

Content coaching program

The content of the program is tailor made. Your coach is always still active in business him or herself and is chosen to suit your profile. There are a few basic elements that we’d like to include in every program. These are: the power of personal leadership, Personal Branding and the break out session. In the break out session, you are literally taken out of your comfort zone and we ask you to spend a day in a different place. This can be a social enterprise or another unexpected place. A change of scenery gives inspiration, for every leader it’s important to see things from a different perspective. There are enough coaches, but only you can really make a difference. Shall we start today?

Would you like to know more about our executive coaching program? Please contact us and we’ll happily plan an admission interview.