The New Way of Learning

Tell me and I will forget, Teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I will Learn - Benjamin Franklin 

Research shows that employees develop effectively learning 70% by doing things in their daily work, especially when they receive direct feedback. 20% of learning happens through communication, coaching and interaction. Only 10% of learning happens by means of traditional education combined with educational literature. Writer and philosopher Benjamin Franklin saw this in the 18th century, and still we only now speak of this ‘New Way of Learning’.

Rapid change has overtaken our learning ability. It’s great developing competence and skills within your organization, but the world outside doesn’t wait for you to finish. Windkracht-11 brings the new learning to your organisation. In all our programs we use the 70-20-10 approach. Whether it’s about personal development programs, executive coaching or management development. 70% of activation is on the job; 20% creating depth and fine tuning by means of conversations, interaction and coaching; and 10% traditionally by means of books, theories, training and education. The new learning? That is the return on your training budget investment. Do you want to talk about what this can do for your company? Please click here.

Let yourself be inspired by Eddie Obeng’s work in the TED-film clip below. Obeng talks about ‘the world after midnight’. Rapid change has overtaken our ability to learn and therefore we live in the ‘dark’. If we don’t learn to ‘experiment cleverly’ (and sometimes fail) we’ll be doomed according to Obeng. Living in the dark has consequences for how we view the organising of learning. Because in the dark the ability to learn is ‘bankrupt’, changes happen quicker than we can learn.