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Windkracht-11 identifies and activates the knowledge and skills and also talents in organisations. Our aim being that your strategy can be executed successfully. Sometimes it’s not possible to find what you need within your organisation or it takes too long to develop someone. In this case Windkracht-11 identifies in their own unique and refreshing way new “forces” outside your organisation.

For recruitment Windkracht-11 uses the innovative online application Homerun. Click on the vacancy title, this will take you to a place where you can leave us all the information we need. And you will of course read more about the new job.

Modern day recruitment and selection of your new talent. That is Windkracht-11.

Wanted: Bringers of a Fresh Gale 

Windkracht-11 likes to get in touch with entrepreneurs with a clear view on leadership development, recruitment and labour market communication .

Because of the international character of our projects, knowledge of the English language is a must.  If you want to bring a fresh gale on behalf of Windkracht-11, we are looking forward to your motivation. Send us your elevator pitch today and we will send you more information. And if there is a click from both sides, we will plan a meeting in person.

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Windkracht-11 has succesfully recruited, among others for the following companies:

Chanel Benelux - Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy - Centrotec Group - Athlon Car Lease - ALD Automotive - Royal Eijkelkamp Earth Sampling Group - Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment- Sonic Sampdrill- Rabobank International - NedAir - Stackdoor - Special Cosmetics