It's time for a fresh wind to blow

Running a business has never been so challenging, developments change rapidly. Changing times ask for new ways of managing, new ways of working, new ways of communicating. Windkracht-11 provides organisations with a fresh and strong approach, so that they can start working in these new ways THEMSELVES .

Windkracht-11 takes away the ‘hassle’ you might think will occur a result of changes in your organization.  As a result of our approach we will a deliver a job well done by means of an effective and modern plan of action.

85% of leaders in organisations is happy with their strategy and ambitions. You’ve thought about it, you’ve discussed it, you are passionate about it. But only 15% is actually happy with the eventual execution and implementation of their strategy. The real results fail for example, or you end up working as ‘islands’ rather than working together for one goal, or you struggle to translate/bring across your ambition to your employees, this is just a selection of issues business owners face. But we are there to help.

Windkracht-11 therefore does not only relieves the burden, but also provides results.
We enable you to translate your strategy and ambitions into a fresh course of action, and provide a suitable plan of action that will improve your organisation. We do not like the never-ending advice reports, no, we believe in  the force of doing.

You can’t change the wind, but you can adjust the sails!

This is how we'll get your organisation moving

You are aware your organisation needs a different approach in certain areas. But where do you start? What will have most impact? Especially as things change rapidly, you require an approach with immediate results.

Most of all Windkracht-11 provides an action you need, in a way that represents her name: strong, authentic and with lasting results. The force of DOING that is Windkracht-11.

Windkracht-11 is known for the following areas of expertise:


Your employees give your company distinctive character, they directly affect customer satisfaction, they enable you to run your business successfully, or not… Look beyond behaviour, knowledge and skills and use what’s underneath that. By using our personal and team analyses and intervision you can literally reveal where the real strengths are. Read more about identifying here: fresh wind plan of action, personal and team analyses and (online) assessments.


Once you have discovered your strengths, they can be activated. In a modern way. Windkracht-11 makes sure that your ambition and strategic plan are not only understood, but also experienced. Recent research shows that professionals learn 70% through action and intervision in their daily jobs. 20% of learning happens through conversations (coaching, networking, interaction) and only 10% of learning happens through training and education. As it turns out, Windkrach-11 uses just that in it’s approach. Read more about how we activate: On the job Culture and leadership development, diverse workshops and inspirational sessions, translating your Strategy to a modern and refreshing HR policy.


Sometimes you can’t find what you need within your own organisation, or you might not have enough time to develop it. In that case Windkracht-11 helps in it’s own refreshing way to find the right talent outside of your organisation. That is modern day recruitment !

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