Who is? – Carola

I am Carola Smits, entrepreneur and owner of Windkracht-11

Refreshing and powerful were the words that formed the foundation of my company. As a manager and owner of my own company, I’ve encountered the same problems you have. And I have found my way through. Reflecting is a good thing, doing it is for me always  the next step.  Unfortunately it that’s not always the way it goes in organizations.

There are so many people and so many different interests, how do you bring all these together into one goal: a successful organisation, regardless of its size. That is where my strength lies. I’d like to work with you to turn the" hassle" into a job well done and enable you to successfully execute your strategy throughout your company. 

My point of view

The Dutch appreciate collectivity and togetherness. But collectivity can cause passivity, and teamwork is so much more complex today than it was. Whether you like it or not, modern times are more about the individual. It is possible to get the best out of yourself and out of your individual employees. I can show you that in spite of  individual differences you are able to work  successfully together, as long as your expectations and goals are clear. Together  we can bring  your ambitions to life, using a fresh and powerful plan of action suitable for these modern times.

My approach

My approach is powerful, clear and gets people in to action. People are important assets, but in the context of work it’s also about the organizational goals. Profit is not a dirty word and successful companies often have happy and proud employees. Today’s customer knows his facts and figures, but is looking for added value. Therefore companies need a different way of working, thinking and managing. On the way to success you need a clear strategy and agreement on what is everybody's input. These agreements can be flexible and leave room for discussion. They can change or be updated based on what is happening inside our outside the company. But there need to be a mutual understanding and an agreement. All people involved need to know  what’s expected of them. The key to success: Leadership!

My mission

My mission is to offer leaders of organisations a fresh and powerful approach so that they can execute their strategic plan and ambition successfully and learn something along the way.

My background

After studying law, followed by further studies in human resources, I strengthened my business administration approach by completing  master’s degree in Business Administration). My dissertation is the basis of a publication on a strength training tool for personal leadership.

My training- and coaching methods are based on this research and thesis and I’ve been able to help many professionals to increase their personal impact. The strength of the method has been proved in commercial training sessions and management development programs. The central thread in my career is leading changes in culture and structure for diverse and international operating companies in business and financial services, FMCG/luxury goods and the automotive industry.

My focus is especially on management teams, regardless of level in the organisation.

If you would like to know more about me, please also have a look at my LinkedIn profile! You can use the social media buttons on the home page to get there.

Our professionals

Depending on the content off the program we can rely, besides our own core team on  an excellent flexible team of professionals with a proven track record in general and project management, finance, coaching, training, marketing, communication and sales.

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