Who is? – Els

My name is Els van Hekesen, entrepreneur and business partner of Windkracht-111

At the beginning of October 2015 I proudly started my own company and I look forward to contributing, as Windkracht-11’s business partner, to its diverse programs. Using the motto ‘Passion is strategy’ I help directors, owners and managers of diverse organisation to (re)find the enjoyment of running a business.

I know that a company’s growth, rapid changes and increasing complexity can cause the enjoyment to be taken over by ‘hassle’. I look forward to contributing by using Windkracht-11’s refreshing programs to change the ‘hassle’ into a job well done.

My point of view

When starting a business, you start with a passion! You’ll look for employees that will help your company with the same passion. But sometimes you may wonder whether your employees will ever share the same passion. After all it’s not their business. Or maybe is it possible for employees to contribute enthusiastically and constructively to your business, by tapping into their own passion?

My mission

Connecting people with and within the organisation, the aim being a higher return both professionally and personally!

My background

In a way my background resembles something of the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. My original educational training is in sales and marketing, yet in my professional life many more worlds opened up (both literally and metaphorically speaking). At that stage I followed and successfully completed further education in change management and business administration. My work experience is with international organisations in business services, production and wholesale. Though I’m more of a generalist, I do have specialist work experience in Human Resources and International Business Advice. I seek to approach business questions from a wide range of business knowledge. In doing this I like to think outside the box.  Would you like to know more about my colourful approach and vision? I’d love to tell you more about it.