About behavior and patterns

Think of an iceberg. You will only see the  smallest part that emerges above the water. This is the behavior you see. The top of the iceberg is visible. You see your employees behaving. Also people who visit your organization for the first time see this behavior. We see other people and label the things we see according to our own prior experiences and projection.

The next layer , not always that visible, it the one one of knowledge and competencies. When people received the right information they know and act upon it. If they have the right competencies their behaviour will be much more effective. If you notice some behavior that isn't that effective, investing in knowledge and competencies is certainly an option. Sounds like it easy, but unfortunately a training or course it not the solution for all.

The third layer in the iceberg, not visible but  it can be influenced, is the layer of Norms and Values. Every individual lives up to their own standards and these standards also determine how they look to the same object as everybody else. But their opinion about it is different. Good, wrong, nice, awful, do-able or stupid. Everybody uses their own label.

By specifying common values for your company you will find a superglue that binds all those individuals together. That the way we do things around here!!

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Core Values

Core values form a glue to bind the individuals to a effective organization. As an individual you're allowed to be different, with different competences, knowledge and characteristics. But there is a common language that explains what you as a company stand for. Ensure your employees know and understand these values. They are your unique selling point and distinguish you from other companies.

Specify - Live Up - Act upon them

Specifying your Core Values is step 1, but living up to them and transforming the nice words in to real actions requires even more attention.

Your core values will attract new people, people that feel at home. The right people in the right position who recognize the values and want to live up to them.

We will help you to translate your values in the way you communicate, the way you lead, the way you develop and interact.

How to implement

We analyse the current situation and specify the steps need to get to the desired situation. In all processes in all departments, wether it is HR, IT, Marketing or production, your values determine the way how people work together.

We will makes sure your core values come alive in all internal and external communication.


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