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Developing your company culture, changing your company culture... For many it sounds like intensive, time consuming and difficult to do.

We look at culture and it's development within organizations as an instrument. Not as the main objective.  Your company culture has a bigger effect than you realize: cooperation, employee engagement, recruitment, the effectiveness of innovations, projects, company structures, development plans, communicating, learning. Many themes and we can support you with all of them.

Below you will find some examples of organizations that already experienced the benefit from our approach.

Move your cursor over the different topics and you will see a short explanation.

management development

If your company is growing rapidly like Levi9, a major ICT service company, you have to shift gear on personal development and the development of management competencies. 

with the leadership program we have developed and implemented they are more distinctive  in a tough labour market for ICT people.

We have trained, coached and supported over 250 (potential) managers in 4 countries 

Management development


Building your (new) strategy, getting to know each better as an executive or managementteam, working more effective together, or restoring trust and transparency first....

For many customers, including  Dura Vermeer and Bonusan, we have supervised, facilitated and designed inspirational meetings and events.

The experiences shared during those events will have a sustainable impact.

Teambuilding - all levels

persoonlijke en teamcoaching

Our customer KRO NCRV broadcasting values personal development. We have coached many of their employees. We coach on the job to make sure you can apply what you earn immediately in your daily practice. 

we also cover the team dynamics and make sure cooperations will become more effective and pro-active.  

By now, we dare to say we are The Experts on Feedback and how to develop a feedback culture. 

Coaching and Training

cultuur en leiderschap

New Skool Media is publisher many different magazines. Every magazine has it's own branding, audience and community. Still a as one company you want the connecting bridges between the different entities.

Our made to measure Culture and Leadership program guides every year 2 groups of their (potential) leaders. They explore their #culturecode  in a fun but profound way. Company values become alive.

Culture & Leadership


We help Anders Invest, an investment company, with targeted advice for the various companies they invest in. They engage us for HR related issues, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.

Our approach is powerful and with interim (HR) management we embed the new policies, procedures and strategies.

Consultancy & Project management

talentanalyses en assessments

We get more out of labour market communication for our clients Van Werven,  recycling, Werktalent recruitment, and  Porter Novelli Communications.

Different companies but with one common goal: Transparent recruitment and being more effective in finding and binding new talents and offer them guidance on personal development from the start. 

Talent Assessment Center

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