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You want to receive feedback but you aren't getting it anymore. Suddenly it seems that an invisible barrier has been created for you in which your people do not always appeal to you "just like that". Only you can remove that threshold. And if you do not want that, good luck in your ivory tower. Leadership starts with personal leadership and if you want your team to grow and flourish, when did you last stop on your own personal development?

Especially for managers Windkracht-11 has developed the special Executive Coaching program. This program is also suitable for potentials that grow rapidly in your organization, and where you would like to give extra guidance and attention.

Content Executive coaching program

The content of the program is adapted to your experience and stage of personal development. Your coach is still active in the business and is chosen on your profile. We want to return some basic elements, stubborn as we are, to the program. These include: the power of personal leadership, Transparent Communication, Personal Branding and the break-out session.

In the break-out session you literally leave your comfort zone and we ask you to spend a day in a different environment. That can be a social organization, that can be another place that you do not expect. Change of food makes eating food and for every leader it is good to look in another kitchen. Coaches are enough but there is only one who can make the difference and that is you. Start today?

Do you want to know more about the executive coaching program? Contact us and we will be happy to schedule an intake interview with you.

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