Windkracht-11 is known for their powerfull advice and training programs which help you build agile teams. We help you develop your company culture as well as your Leadership skills, the most important building block of your company culture.

Implementing the Agile way of working, communicating and leading, is much easier than you think with our approach. Shall we start today?

Start with the right insight:  Culture and leadership scans

Step 1 is starting with good and valid insights on what you think, feel en believe. The main objective of this first step in gain these necessary insights on common values, insights on that social glue that make all individuals want to cooperate as a whole.

You would like it for sure, but it is not everyday reality in companies. You can not change all people and you can shape them all on the same model to think the same and act the same at the same time and pace. We help you to see and value  the differences and we give you the tools how to deal with them.

A company exits out of many different people, but there is always a need for that binding factors. Using our  #Culturecode® you will know which ones are the most valuable for you and how to develop them.

About this step 

We use several instruments in this first step to get a valid reliable and quick insight on the current and desired situation. We have developed an organizational scan named the #Culturecode® (registered brand by windkracht-11. This scan has proven its values in many (international) companies.  And there is the I-screen® talent analysis which we used both on individual* as on group level.

We analyse the results, share the outcome first individual and next with the groups or teams. Based on this first analysis you know where to start and who is the best fit on which action. Quick wins and long term results go hand in hand.

We build immediatly the bridge between knowing and acting by using Team Constellations. You will know right away what is your potential and pitfal.

* The I-screen personal talent analysis gives a valid and reliable insights on a persons talent, motivation, values and ambition. It also unravels the way you interact with others. With this valuable information we have a great roadmap for personal development and on which task or role you fit in the plan we make for developing your company  and it's culture. 

Do you already use your own scans and instruments?

Perfect! We see that many times and certainly in larger companies. We will make use of what you already have and move quickly to step 2: activate!

Activate, learn & develop

We believe in the power of Doing. We are the consultancy firm that makes a huge plan that will never lead to the real results.  We know that you need help with the implementation, progress and achievement of real sustainable results.

All our training programs are bases in the The new Way of Learning and it's  70-20-10 rule:

  • 70% is learned on the job  –making use of real life examples, support on the work-floor and the development of a feedback culture
  • 20% learn from each other  –group training, interaction, coaching, workshops
  • 10% learn from content  en in depth information (books, magazines, films, seminars…)

The New Way of Learning? That is the return on investment of your training budget.

We guide and support the managers on on all levels. We teach them how to do what was planned, how to improve communication and cooperation, and how to have the right impact.

You as a manager will grow and will like your role even better. You all now what to do and how to do it.


Activating Human Resources - We include your HR professionals for sure in this step.

Which HR instruments need activation to boost certain themes in your action plan?

We offer interesting package deals for sustainable HR support and advice for companies of different sizes. A flexible form of support which is interesting for companies who want to be agile and innovative.


Would you like to know what Windkracht-11 can do for you? Fill in below our contact form, or contact us directly at 033 - 285 34 96 or e-mail us.

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