Your Company Culture is an influencer!

Last week I visited a potential new customer. A tech-company which, as many others, has quite some difficulties hiring new people with the much-coveted technical background. Sit and wait was not in the vocabulary of this HR manager, so she took action. A project group was initiated to improve the recruitment of new talent. Many initiatives were taken by the project group, and a few of them already let to new ways of working. Yes, welcome new flood of resumes! So far so good, don’t you think? 

The #CultureCode

In the conversations prior to our meeting, some of the project members already showed their interest in our #CultureCode. We were glad about the opportunity to tell them more about this instrument and to see how we could help them. One of my own former managers, and to whom I ow a lot, already shouted out long time ago: “Never rely on your own assumptions!”

Now and then I find myself, sorry Leen, forgetting his famous and true words. I had the assumption our #CultureCode would show its added value recruiting new talents and that it would identify their USP’s on today’s labour market. 

The undercurrent

While listening to their own stories and struggles, a totally different need came to the surface. The proactivity and actions of the project group was not yet valued or seen by the department managers. The new resumes were criticized, and only a few candidates were invited for a personal interview. Or the managers did not react or reacted very late on the resumes the HR people presented. There was even more critique: When would the really good resumes arrive? Wasn’t there a kind of project running on that issue? Why is there no communication?

The Solution

Shared distress is a halved distress and shared joy is double joy. Despite my wrong assumption I was immediately glad about the versatility the #CultureCode offers! Company Culture effects many themes within organisations:

How do you cooperate more effective within teams, between teams or even between different countries?

How do you make your communication more transparent, and how transparent can you be in a working environment?

How do you manage expectations and create a common goal?

How do you strengthen your impact with customers?

How do you manage a more and more diverse group of individuals with their own expectations?

These are a few of the many themes influenced by your company culture. Exactly the reason why I started 5 years ago with the development of the #CultureCode. A powerful and fun instrument which gives immediate insights and allows to shift gear. Because that is what we do: we make things happen!

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Carola Smits, MBA

My name is Carola and I am the founder of windkracht-11. Innovative and powerful are the core values and foundation of my company. As a managers and company owner I stepped in many traps you also will encounter. But is survived. Let me share my experience.

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