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It is a struggle. Growth, Management, Development, Innovation, themes that demand attention. How do you engage yur people? How do you activate everyone? How do you keep your focus? How do your transfer your vision to others?

Change management and Organizational development  is in our eyes a matter of Doing. Do not linger in endless consultations  designs or huge (and often expensive) advice reports that end up in your drawer.

Get the best out of yourself and your team, show your vision and strategy and above all make things happen.

Carola Smits - Eigenaar Windkracht 11

Refreshing and powerful were the words that formed the foundation of my company Windkracht-11, based in the Netherlands but with an international focus on the development of strategy, organizational culture and leadership.

Reflecting is a good thing, doing it is for me always the most essential step. Unfortunately that’s not always the way it's been done organizations. There are so many people and so many different interests, how do you bring all these together into one goal: a successful organization, regardless of its size. That is where I can bring added value.

I like to turn the" hassle" into a job well done and enable executives to successfully execute their strategy throughout your company.

My point of view

The Dutch appreciate collectivity and togetherness. But collectivity can cause passivity, and teamwork is so much more complex today than it was. Whether you like it or not, modern times are more about the individual. It is possible to get the best out of yourself and out of your individual employees.

I can show you that in spite of individual differences you are able to work successfully together, as long as your expectations and goals are clear. Together we can bring your ambitions to life, using a fresh and powerful plan of action suitable for these modern times.

My approach

My approach is powerful, transparant and gets people in to action. People are important assets, but in the context of work it’s also about the organizational goals. Profit is not a dirty word and successful companies often have happy and proud employees. Today’s customer knows his facts and figures, but is looking for added value. Therefore companies need a different way of working, thinking and managing.

It is my mission to offer leaders of organizations a fresh and powerful approach so that they can execute their strategic plan and ambition successfully and learn something along the way.


My mission

It is my mission to offer leaders of organizations a fresh and powerful approach so that they can execute their strategic plan and ambition successfully and learn something along the way

My background

After studying law, followed by additional studies in human resources and organizational psychology , I strengthened my business administration approach by completing master’s degree in Business Administration. My dissertation is the basis of a publication on a strength training tool for personal leadership. My training- and coaching methods are based on this research and thesis and I’ve been able to help many professionals to increase their personal impact. The strength of the method has been proved in various training and management development programs. Also we have developed reliable and valid Culture and leadership scans.

The central thread in my career is leading changes in culture and structure for diverse and international operating companies in business and financial services, FMCG/luxury goods and the automotive industry.
My focus is especially on management teams, regardless of level in the organization.

If you would like to know more about me, please also have a look at my LinkedIn profile! You can use the social media buttons on the home page to get there.


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Els van Hekesen - Businesspartner Windkracht 11

Due to other things, growth, mergers and changes in Management, (rapid) changes and the associated complexity can lead to a lot of 'hassle' and drown out the pleasure of working. Making "hassle" "done" is the starting point of my role as Business Partner of Windkracht-11.

It is nice to be able to spar and brainstorm with one another about the diversity of business issues that are discussed. Complementing each other and through everyone's expertise, sharpening the advice, that is what makes us absolutely strong!

My point of view

Doing your thing from a passion! Sounds vague, but isn't much more then: let people do the things that they can do well and that they enjoy. Then you get the best out of the person! Give a balanced portion of responsibility and you have a basis for committed employees! Committed employees have a heart for the business and radiate this. And with this image, they are the ambassadors for your organization.

How you collaborate with each other determines the image of your company. It determines your services, your production, your effectiveness and your continuity. How you work together is reflected in your staff turnover. So do something with it!

My mission

Connecting people with and within the organisation, the aim being a higher return both professionally and personally!

My background

I have gained experience with international organizations in business services as well as production and wholesale. Although I am more of a generalist, I have specialist work experience in Human Resources and Organization advice across national borders.

Complemented by courses in Sales and Marketing, Business Administration and Change Management, I look forward to approaching organizational issues from a broad business perspective. I like to color outside the lines.

With my own company, I want to let people find their passion (again). I guide individuals with coaching, groups with training courses and I help companies with various organizational and HR issues as an interim professional

Corina Evers - Businesspartner Windkracht 11

As a business partner I am mainly concerned with making visuals for Windkracht-11. These include the images that you can find on social media: LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. It is important to be clearly visible and to do this in a recognizable way.

With my company Virtual Focus, I also help entrepreneurs to professionalize their (company) presentation. A presentation with a lot of text displayed in bullet points is no longer of this time. My goal is to show that things can be done differently. That a PowerPoint does not have to be dull and boring.

My point of view

Everyone is creative! You just have to take the time and space to get creative.

My approach

Personal contact is important to me. This gives me a good idea of ​​what is needed and what the wishes of a company are. We coordinate what the wishes, goals and deadlines are. In this way, professional presentation is the end result!

My mission

No bullet points or pieces of text in presentations because reading and listening won't work at the same time. The speaker must be supported by beautiful visuals that gives power to the story.

My background

In 2016 I started my company as a Virtual Assistant to see what makes me happy. More and more became clear that I really love making beautiful and professional presentations and visuals that makes the difference.

Are you curious to find out more about my support work? Visit LinkedIn, or Facebook my website Virtualfocus.

Logo Virtual Focus


Every person is unique. That is nice but it can also be pretty complicated! As a communication trainer and training actor I come across so many different companies, each with their own culture and customs. And everywhere I see it reflected: every person experiences sort or less limits and blockages in communication, regardless of rank, position or history.

For several years I have had the pleasure of working with Windkracht-11. As a regular business partner, I want to add my own color.

As a trainer and coach I not only zoom in on mapping cohesion and communication within the team, but I also look at the personal strength and added value of the team member.

My point of view

In the process one learns and two people know more than one. That sounds nice and logical, but how do you ensure that team members speak up? You need a safe workplace for that! A place where failure is not the end of the world and where people give each other space.

I believe that people in the workplace can do better if they know what their unique sound of voice and what their added value is. Through communication training and coaching, people can flourish and perform better.

My approach

As a communication trainer and coach, I look at what the other person has and brings this to bloom.

Don't think in a right or wrong way, but in effective and efficient way. Depart from what is available in a person, not from the lack. With the aim of getting grip on non verbal and verbal communication.

My mission

My mission is to help people discover what their personal strength is and how they can connect more effectively with themselves and with others, so that the potential that lies hidden in them will bloom.

My background

After having various positions in front of and behind the scenes of various TV programs for many years, I drastically changed course in 2006. After completing a training for training actor, I started working passionately as an independent entrepreneur for various companies where I was deployed as a role player in training and assessments. In a short time, my work grew and after the necessary training I also rolled into the profession of trainer and coach.

Over the years I have gained a lot of experience in training on giving and receiving feedback, acting in a customer-oriented way, directing on absenteeism, influencing behavior and communication aimed at cooperation. Both in the role of trainer and training actor.

More information about cooperation partners and

I think it is a great privilege to be a business partner of Windkracht-11.
Together we want to ensure the wind in your sails so that you move forward with full force!


I have been born for "making a fuss". Hassle also means that I can add value to the organization, the team or the individual.

My affiliation with Windkracht-11 is a logical follow-up to my independent entrepreneurship. There is a great desire to collaborate more with like-minded people and/or colleagues who add just that, so that the customer experiences added value. After all, together you are stronger. Since I don't believe in coincidence, I am proud to be part of the club of Windkracht-11. Grown up nearby the sea, I know that you can sometimes use some extra fresh wind to clear your head and bring some new insights .

My opinion

I believe in organizations that don't look away from real change, dare to look at themselves and want to invest in the personal growth of their people. In my role as a coach, consultant and trainer I like to take people along in their search for more individuality, undiscovered talents and their contribution from leadership and ownership to the organization.

My approach

I have a commercial perspective based on entrepreneurship and I dare to confront it with love. I always ask the question behind the question. Why do you do what you do? I get people out of their comfort zone, give them "food for thought" and, together with them and the organization, build the direction that is needed.

My mission

My most important mission is to let every person be meaningful, both as an individual and as a team. From my believe in others, established patterns are clarified and learned behavior is broken. As a result, people will contribute to the change processes in the organization and the team based on intrinsic motivation.

My background

I have been working in business HR services for a long time, including as a manager/trainer/consultant. I started my own company in 2011, as a career coach/coach for personal development. Since 2016 I also bring my expertise to the business world, in the role of consultant/trainer/coach focused on change processes (culture-behavior-teambuilding-leadership). I do my best in an organization where my "hands on" mentality and create "out of the box" thinking.




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