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Windkracht-11 provides tailor-made on-site and in-company training programs, in accordance with our customers’ requirements. We offer a fresh, new and powerful approach, and you will notice after one or more days your perspective has totally changed.

We are well known for our Leadership Development programs which we have executed in many countries. Always the right combination of tailor-made training and coaching, build on our best practices and powerful methods.

Over a 1000 potentials and professionals have been trained, coached and guided in The Netherlands, Serbia, Oekraïne, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium and Romania. We are here to help you with a sustainable investment in balanced development and growth.


Some examples of recent topics

Van nee naar ja training

Business Conversations, Negotiating & Influencing, Personal presentation and networking.

So many people, so many desires. How to increase your impact without losing your authenticity? Learn how to connect, negotiate with trust and communicate with the right impact!

Time management training

Time Management and Personal Effectiveness.

Time is our worst enemy, you always have to little of it and too many things to do. But can you manage time?

We know there is more to it than just saying "no" or learn how to delegate. Kill the I'am-always-busy-syndrome in just 4 steps!

Training de kracht van feedback

Transparante communication, the power of Feedback

Not all competences can be developed. A training course is not a bandage for every injury. We are the first to admit. We are specialist in effective behavior and building effective teams and combine several methods that do change behavior.

Some more examples: In company workshops

  • Building Agile Teams

    How to implement the Agile way of working in your organization and lead accordingly

  • Managementskills

    Learn how to deal with the diversity in your teams and learn how to prevent or handle a conflict. 

  • Remote working, a blessing or a curse

    new ways of working emerge, how to shift from control to self-management and management of output 

  • Talent development for Hr professionals

    This workshop offers 6 keys tot a successful and new ways of HR development and talentmanagement strategy.

  • HR Essentials

    A complete program for HR professionals and potentials 

  • The power of connecting

    Teambuilding for management teams, how use individual strength and build powerful teams. 

  • Communication is key

    It's not distance that keeps people apart, but lack of communication. Build better relationships, better teams, better organizations. 

  • The invisible leader

    Grow your impact as an officemanager or personal assistant 


Can't wait to build your development plan? Call us on   033 - 285 34 96 or  send and e-mail . We are happy to help.

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