Deep Democracy, not just a technique

Above the surface, in the visible area of the "Group-Consciousness"  everything seems to be calm and peaceful. Yes, you see the individual differences. Yes you know work can be more effective, can be done differently. You can't put your finger on it, but you there is something underneath that smooth surface.

In the so called "undercurrent", still group-unconscious, all kinds of opinions, emotions, patterns and ideas are present. Why they are there is not always clear. But one thing is sure: they will effect  people's behavior and determine why people come to action, or not....

This behavior is called sabotage. derived from the French word "Sabot", a clog.  During the industrial revolution faced uncertain times with a lot of changes. Machines took over their work! The fear and uncertainty arising from that situation led to rigorous decisions, a cry for attention: they put their clogs into the machines and blocked the proces.

Sabotage may sound disastrous but it  is not. If you know how to handle it. Be aware, it is always there, still calm and peaceful or already very present.

Break those patterns!

We use the Deep Democracy technique to challenges participants in a sage environment, to bring that what happens in the undercurrent to the surface and to become words that are adequate enough to be understood.

We  even go beyond the undercurrent, because all the way down in the deepest trenches we can find hidden treasures, wisdom that most of the time for all kind of reasons stays hidden in organizations. Great insights, beautiful ideas, that will find their way to the surface ready to be used.

We use the Deep Democracy technique every day, in all kind of organizations, in all kind of teams or at all kind of hierarchical levels.

It creates genuine openness, and therefore trust, cooperation and effective teamwork.

break patterns


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