Developing your communication skills 


The answer we get 9 out of 10 times when we ask: what can be improved in your organization. Yet, it seems like an easy answer, but with a complex content. What is communication exactly?

Communication allows us to connect, to learn, to grow and to collaborate. It is not only how te speak or read the words, no. It is about how to really understand what has been said- or even what has NOT been said.

How do you turn a Dilemma into a Dialog?

Action - Reaction 

We influence people around us continuously. It is always a matter of action and reaction. The more effective your actions in communication, the better the response, the more willingness, the more open the dialog.  And the better the cooperation.

Learning new ways starts with new insights. Based on your personal communication scan we explore together which are your preferred styles and we prepare your roadmap for development of new skills.


Giving feedback is the most valuable instrument we can use to work effectively together and develop great teams.

But giving feedback is also one of the most difficult things to do. We live a in a time where opinions take over  the place of the  actual facts. A threat for a real feedback culture. It will only result in conflicts and disagreements. Monologs versus dialogs.

Our successful workshops and trainingscourses Feedback add value to an open culture of collaboration and effective teamwork.


Assertiveness is a way to communicatie, not a personal characteristic. When you are able to create a win-win situation, you are able to make and maintain the connection. You can learn to be assertive– weather you are in introvert or extravert.

Did you ever left a conversations frustrated, because you knew you could have or should have communicated differently? That you questioned yourself what on earth just happened here? And when you took a little more time to reflect the most brilliant reactions came to mind, but never seem to find the way to your mouth?

Those are the moments you can work on. With our help and guidance. You can develop this essential skill. Your impact will grow and you will connect much easier.

Verbal and Non verbal

Finally, despite of all words and arguments, the real impact of your message depends on your non-verbal communication:

  • Visually (body-language, attitude, gestures)
  • Vocally (tone of voice, volume, speed)

We'll make sure your message has the right impact and the  non verbal communication is supporting or even empowering your substantive story.

Weather you speak online, or offline and realtime: You often have to present your ideas, proposals or simply yourself. Under the inspirational guidance of Janine Pormes you will discover what makes you you. You learn how to communicate in a way that suits your personality but at the same time with more impact but always authentic.


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