Book publication

The majority of Dutch businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Because of their size they are able to be adroit and flexible. They are practical companies, involved with the every day running of the business. How do they stay afloat? The director/owner is in most cases the face of the company. What makes him or her unique? What makes them effective and successful in running their business?

Windkracht-11 has been working for a while with several SMEs, their directors, owners and employees. The owner of Windkracht-11, Carola Smits’ dissertation/research for finishing her MBA has been the inspiration for this first book publication, in which she wants to give a wider audience practical tools to win custom, turnover and most of all fun.

Using case interviews this handy book gives an overview of a number of modern concepts and theories focused on Personal Branding.

Boek Publicatie

Personal Branding fits as a strategy in modern times, because emotions, authenticity, standards and values have found a place in the experience of business, simply because the customers needs have changed.
Distinctive character based only on facts and figures no longer adds value. By consequently working on an authentic brand, you’ll create a positive energy that connects you to the right people.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are adroit, clear and communication is direct. An inspiring internal and external strategy will therefore have an immediate effect. Personal Branding offers a pragmatic approach to connect internal and external.

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