Socially committed entrepreneurs

You can run your business being environmentally friendly and benefit the planet. Or you can focus on the social benefits, think of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  Both approaches seek a balance between financial/economical interests and social/ environmental interests, or another way of putting it, triple P: profit, people and planet. Windkracht-11 likes to be socially committed, focus on being at the heart of society. Not passively looking at what happens, but invest in specific areas and social interests.

As an entrepreneur you’re in the perfect position to give something back to society. You can use the knowledge, skills and passion that make your business a success, for other causes/social enterprises/charities etc. They will often be desperate for your help. And for you it’s incredibly enriching. Every time you’ll learn new things, even things outside of your area of expertise. Discover new places, meet a variety of people and help where you can.

Whether it’s organising a seminar, doing workshops on personal development, arrange interviews or overseeing a charity gala night, every single time it’s delightful, satisfying and a chance to make new friends.
Via Matchpoint in Amersfoort Windkracht-11 offers her services to diverse social enterprises, without charge.

We were able to help Stichting Indra by organising a seminar on ‘Diversity in care’. For the NVA (centre for lasting integration) we held workshops to help increase participants employability. For employees and volunteers working at Toon Hermans Huis Amersfoort we held a workshop in social media. We helped charities SpecialArts and Sovee to better connect with businesses, and gain investors and sponsors.

Hulphond NederlandHulphond

Nederland has had a special place in our hearts for a few years now. Dogs are being trained and with the help of host families are being prepared for a very important job. A guide dog can perform up to 70 helpful acts to enable disabled people to be more independent. This knowledge is also used for children with behavioural problems and for war veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder. A guide dog not only offers practical support, but also has socio-economic advantages. People with a guide dog are more independent, have a better social network and feel more accepted. This special foundation is characterized by its heartfelt employees and volunteers; it’s always a treat to be there with them.

Windkracht-11 regularly contributes to Hulphond Nederland’s magazine, click here to read some enjoyable interviews.

If you want to know more about what Windkracht-11 can do for your foundation or charity, contact us here!