What do relations think of Windkracht-11?

In a clear, distinct and above all enjoyable way, Carola gives information to enable you to practically work on your own branding. She causes you to think. Why do people view you in a certain way, why can people only see a part of you and above all what can you do to change or refine this. She’s really to the point and no nonsense. For me it was the fresh gale I could really do with. Jeroen Bakker, director Grafisch Bureau Cornegge BV

Strong on content, gentle on relationship, professional, result focused, responsible and people focused are a few core competences applicable to Carola. Because of her leading, our HR department has transitioned from a personnel department to a fully equipped HR department. Carola has also been key in the reorganisation that was completed on 1st January 2010. Besides drawing up the plans and executing them following the right procedures, Carola has lead the HR department to fully succeed in guiding our employees through the reorganisation well and satisfactory. Both internally and externally. She’s a professional, but also a warm and amicable colleague, feisty and full of humor! Marchel Koops, commercial director, Athlon Car Lease

Carola has helped our organisation to set up an HR department, in which processes and files are set up and retained correctly. Because of this we’ve been able to support the process from recruitment and selection to peoples reviews optimally, creating higher employee satisfaction. More transparency of the files and more objective reviews have led to higher quality of our processes, creating more internal and external goodwill for us as an employer and organisation. Gert Kwetters, director Vision Planner

Carola is a professional that radiates supremacy, rest and authority. She is knowledgable and popular with the staff. She thinks with you strategically, is prepared and really clear to staff, management and direction. Above all she works hard. Together we have (co) set up the Givenchy store in the Netherlands. Manja van der Kreeft, Brand Manager LVMH fragrances

Carola has a clear vision when it comes to using ‘the new working’ as a means to help an organisation advance and reach their (strategic) goals. With a lot of passion, conviction and a clear goal Carola has lead, as projectmanager, the implementation of HNW at Athlon Car lease. Therefore it’s really important to have strong support from an HR perspective. Carol has filled this role professionally and with a lot of enthusiasm. Marlies van Schie, Business Consultant Athlon Car Lease

A special thank you to:

Frank and Vincent, of dutch designs with lemon for their amazing design of my logo and branding.

Peter Luit of  for his down to earth approach to everything that happens online, and being my support an go to person for my website

Ferry de Wet, professional photography and fun to work together, no matter where we are for the photo.

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